Our clients who reviewed invoicely on Capterra gave it an average of 4.7 stars out of 5, while G2 named invoicely High Performer Summer 2020, based on customer feedback.

We thank you for your feedback, which is very important to us - we always read your reviews and look at ways to improve our services and user experience.

We wanted to find out what you like best about invoicely, so we looked at your Capterra reviews and found the five most mentioned reasons why you love using invoicely.

These reasons are:

  • faster invoicing
  • ease of use
  • notifications and  payment reminders
  • clear financial overview
  • professional look.

Faster invoicing

Invoicing is a long and tedious process, which takes time away from your actual work. invoicely speeds up this process by allowing you to send invoices directly from the app, reuse saved invoices, client data and templates and automate many of the processes.

Efficient and time-saving. I used invoicely to create and send invoices for my PR work. It cut down the time to request my payments and made my job easier when filling in my tax returns.
invoicely is an important tool for freelancers who have a multitude of clients requesting invoices but a lack of time to manually create them. invoicely automatically creates and sends invoices to clients, includes relevant costs and branding, and invoices are stored for easy collation.
Joe W. PR Advisor
Enjoying the ease of use, the straight forward set up & the speedy online help when required.                                                                                                 Mike G. - Mechanic
This is the fastest business web app I've ever used, faster than many 'local' systems. An unexpected benefit for me was the feedback it gives when sending invoices by email or a link to the invoice by sms text - it lets me know that the client has seen the invoice.
 Peter B. – Musician, entertainer

Ease of use

An invoicing platform for freelancers and small businesses needs to be user-friendly and uncluttered, enabling the user to create and track invoices intuitively and in just a few clicks.

Invoice management is now super easy using this product, especially tracking your client payments and invoices, organizing your client list and their personal details, scheduling and sending automated invoices. Really useful for freelancers and small studios but also for any business.
Antonis D. - Photographer
Amazingly simple to use, user friendly, so useful for any business. The fact that you can have multiple businesses is a great pro for me. I also enjoyed the charts, which provide great information.
  Sandeep V. - DirectorApparel & Fashion
A great choice if you need something easy to use. Lots of software that promises ease of use - invoicely delivers on that promise.
Andrew T. - Director Environmental Services
The software is easy to use. It's mostly free and still allows you to manage everything that is important to your business. I have been managing 100s of my clients and thousands of invoices till date without any problem. The print to PDF feature as well sending a direct link with payment option to client helps to receive payments directly to our account without any hassle.
Subhashish S. - Founder & CEO IT & Services

Notifications and payment reminders

When you send an invoice with invoicely, you can opt to receive notifications when the clients receive the invoice and when they pay it. You can also set automatic payment reminders for the client.

Tracking invoices and payments with the use of automatic reminders through email makes invoicely amazing!
Dylan D. - Fleet controller
I get to have all my invoices in one place, helps see my turnover and what I am owed so I can track the success of my business based on income, before I've been paid. I know when clients have received the invoice, so no "I haven't received it" issues. Also being able to add bills, when I'm invoiced by others is great. A lot of spread out info is now all held in one place.
Ele S. – Office manager
I love the fact I can add my company logo and to save various copies before sending. Another feature I liked is the "invoice reviewed" email that lets me know that the client has received and opened my invoice.
Prashant P. - Senior Software Engineer
It was a quick setup and I could get started right away. I don't feel I need additional software for my business which keeps my costs down but allows me to track income, unpaid invoices. I like that my clients get notifications when I have received their payments.
Maxine M. - Personal Trainer

Clear financial overview

invoicely's dashboard offers a clear overview of all your finances, you can see at a glance which invoices are still open or overdue, how much money you made last month or quarter or who your biggest client is. You can also create a range of financial reports.

Invoicely offers small companies, entrepreneurs and start-up users a great opportunity to keep track of their finances with an easy to use and easy to navigate invoicing system. Logging in is seamless and the dashboard offers great versatility by generating income reports as well as tell you what amount of money is still due.
Divan D. - Graphic designer
I can access my invoicing on the go and can see the history or previous invoices and reports.
Thieron R. - IT Consultant/Contractor
Invoicely makes creating and tracking clients, invoices, expenses, and receipts super easy. Even the free tier offers a robust invoicing platform that serves most of my needs. Client and project metadata are well-organized and flexible enough for almost anyone's needs. The dashboard makes it simple to see my cash flow at a glance.
Sean B. - Lead Designer & Developer

Professional look

Invoices created with invoicely look clean and professional, they have all the information needed, without the clutter. This reinforces your brand image and makes it easy for the client to pay the invoice.

Its appearance is very professional. My business has just stepped up and this helps create that image of a professional small business.
Michael S. - Actor, director
Helped manage my bills receivables and payables. Made my business look professional.                                                                                                                         Darren D. - Sole Owner & ManagerGraphic Design
I have really enjoyed using this app and would recommend it to others. It is easy to use and produces professional invoices for clients.                   Sylvia L. - Autism Support

To test all these features for yourself, you can sign up for a free invoicely account and start sending invoices.