With new solutions on the market, most companies, irrespective of size and sector, can now benefit significantly from using a cloud identity management solution. With many employees working remotely and using an increasing number of web applications, cloud identity management helps increase security and improves employee productivity.

Cloud identity management defines and manages the roles and access privileges of each network user, such as employees or clients, and the circumstances in which these users are granted or denied privileges.

Cloud identity management helps connect your employees to all the resources residing in the cloud used by your company regardless of provider, platform or location and can be used on any device and operating system. By using cloud identity, you enable users to access hundreds of web apps with single sign-on and you easily manage their company accounts and protect company data.

Teamstack, a leading provider in the field of cloud identity management, offers users the following features:

Secure Cloud Directory

The cloud directory is a single, secure place where you manage all your users and groups created in Teamstack or imported from other sources.

Teamstack's cloud directory allows you to manage users, groups, authentication methods and permission levels in an intuitive, secure web interface. You can customize user and group profiles to set specific policies and settings on each level, giving you full control over your organisation and teams.

Users are synchronized with Teamstack in real-time, so your data is always up to date.

The user lifecycle management function gives you an overview and allows you to manage the different stages of the user lifecycle (active, suspended, invited and archived).

One-Click Provisioning

With Teamstack you can use one-click user provisioning in your onboarding and off-boarding processes so changes in your team are easily reflected in your business applications and ensure that terminated users are disconnected from your applications, increasing the security of your organization.

One-click user provisioning streamlines the onboarding and off-boarding process, freeing up time and allowing new team members to get up and running immediately. Teamstack allows you to automatically provision or deprovision users based on user groups to ensure that employees have access to all their required applications, regardless if it's a new hire, change of role or a termination.

Single Sign-On

With single sign-on users are only required to enter credentials once to access all their applications from their Teamstack dashboard both, increasing their productivity and tightening security.

Teamstack is integrated with hundreds of applications out of the box and you are able to get an overview and access any applications that have been assigned to you directly from the dashboard without needing to enter your credentials.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Teamstack's multi-factor authentication improves your security against cybercrime, which takes advantage of weak or compromised passwords. You can apply different authentication factors ranging across different security levels across your whole organization to protect against unauthorized access while providing flexibility for users.

Teamstack enables you to set user or application policies to implement additional authentication factors for sensitive applications or users in order to restrict access to only those who need it.

You can completely restrict access to applications that contain sensitive data and deny access from high-risk locations or IP addresses.

SAML Applications

SAML Applications work by transferring the user's identity from Teamstack to the service provider and removes the need for typed credentials.

As SAML apps don't require written credentials, you remove the security risk posed by weak and compromised passwords.

Form-Based Applications

Form Based Applications use credentials to authenticate against the application to log in. The Teamstack Browser Extension makes it easy to automatically paste in credentials.

Users can access all their form based applications with single sign-on using the Teamstack Browser Extension, allowing them to move between applications with Teamstack entering credentials on users behalf.

Teamstack administrators can assign credentials to users from within Teamstack and disable users ability to view the credentials, reducing risk of stolen credentials.


Teamstack integrates with more than 600 apps, from Amazon and Asana to Zoom and Zendesk.

Teamstack is free of charge for the first three users of each company, so why not check it out now?